How to start a blog (or maybe how not to)

May 14, 2018

It is probably not a good idea to start a blog, i.e. a sort of conversation with strangers, by saying what you are not interested in sharing, or having a conversation about, before you even say anything. But, I enjoy exchanging thoughts, ideas, and facts with people so let me tell you a few things I am probably not going to respond to. (1) If you have an opinion about where a former President was born tell it to somebody else. (2) If you are really upset about something Kayne West said I do not share your pain because I really have no idea who he is, or what he is supposed to have said. (something about slavery being a choice which is certainly accurate if you identify who was making the choice). My ignorance of popular culture is not limited to Mr. West (I'm guessing he is male). I watch a lot of baseball on TV and my computer, but nothing that falls in the broad category of entertainment. I'm assuming we can agree Ken Burns, NPR, and C-Span are not considered entertainment. My TV has a lot of cable channels which I would rather not have, religious, shopping, movies, but it comes with the phone, internet, cable package and I try to avoid fighting a battle I know I will lose. Besides some people apparently like all those channels and I'm sure there is a blog for them. 


Movies? My wife and I see at least one a year. They always seem to be in December. This year it was the one about Katherine Graham, Washington Post, Pentagon Papers, etc. I read the book and the movie is a faithful reproduction of the writing which is not always the case. The year before was a good year for December movies (Fences, Loving, Moonlight, Hidden Figures). After reading the book I was concerned that Hollywood would strap the math women to a moon rocket and rescue John Glenn, but again the movie and the book were in sync. In previous years the movies that I recall seeing were Lincoln, The Help, 42, Good Night and Good Luck, The King's Speech, Spotlight, Trumbo, you get the picture. 


I read a lot of books, as well as sometimes writing one. I'm always interested in what other people read so for the next entry I think I'll come up with a list of what I've been reading in recent months.



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