So many books

May 29, 2018

I think my first toys were probably books. My grandmother ran a retail book store and my birthday/Christmas presents were often books she thought I should have. My parents were avid readers and my wife is as well, so over the years I have accumulated a large library. Fortunately, my limited carpentry skills allow me to make book shelves and although we have donated a lot of books to various entities, there is never enough shelf space to accommodate all the volumes. One of my pleasures is finding books I didn't know I had and reading them. A short list of recent treasures follows:


Life at The Dakota, 1979, Stephen Birmingham

Speak Now Against The Day, 1994,John Egerton*

Personal History, 1998, Katharine Graham

Reminiscences, 1968, Che Guevera

The Reckoning, 1986, David Halberstam

The Trail of Tears, 1975, Gloria Jahoda

The First Casualty, 1975, Phillip Knightley

This Life, 1980, Sidney Poitier

The Girls in the Balcony, 1992, Nan Robertson*

Moon of Popping Trees, 1975, Rex Alan Smith

Kidnap, 1961, George Waller

Milking the Moon, 2001, Eugene Walter

*signed by the author


And as the commercials on TV say, wait there's more. 

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