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June 17, 2018

I started drawing Social Security a few years before I was drawn to social media. SS was something I figured I needed, but the other was something I "had to have." So I flirted with the irresistible lure of the world of communicating with strangers without getting off the couch --- it didn't turn out well. 


I started with Facebook which seemed simple enough and found it was time consuming, unproductive, and unfortunately addictive. The more irrational or erroneous the posted comments were, the more I could bask in my confidence that the world was filled with idiots with whom I had nothing in common. I did stay tuned to follow the news from my high school alumni association (those are the people who buy my books). but unfortunately it degenerated into two rival Facebook pages so I became an agnostic in the teen-centric wars. Plus, I did not find the testimony before Congress very reassuring. It seems obvious that Facebook has been (1) dishonest in their handling of personal information, and (2) has no idea of how to correct the problem. And I don't miss those suggested "friends" that I have never heard of.


Twitter and I have a more adult relationship. The comments are shorter and I only follow two people (my son and a neighbor). No one follows me. Even though they are miles and years apart I am amused at the number of times they retweet the same things. Of course, most of the time they talk about movies and TV and I have no idea what they are talking about (see earlier post). 


Linkedin is something where I have a dormant account and I probably should do something about that for commercial reasons. seems to think I want what they have. YouTube, Instagram, Reddit beckon. More things I "have to have." 

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