A phone call I didn't want

June 21, 2018

People who know me are familiar with my dislike of the telephone. I wasn't always that way, but even as a teenager I was not someone who stayed on the phone every night to the irritation of my parents (my brother was a different story). It has gotten worse over the years and my major hearing loss today makes it difficult for me to even have a conversation over the phone. (Note to youth- loud music is enjoyable, but it has consequences).


Anyway the call was from our veterinarian's office with the message that she was closing her office at the end of June. For a quarter of a century she has been the healthcare system for nine cats and three dogs. She has seen several cats who lived to be near twenty years old before the inevitable decision had to be made about their quality of life. Two are still with us. Harriett is at least eighteen and Oscar is still kittenish as he approaches four. They don't like to go to the vet's office so I haven't told them. They don't particularly like each other either, but they both love the dog. There was another cat, Neffie, who lived another ten years after her diagnosis of diabetes. Dr. Horrar (yes, that is her name) monitored her blood levels and showed us how give her insulin injections twice a day.


She performed surgery on two of the dogs and they both lived to near fifteen. Corky is our third rescue and he does like to go to the vet's office. They like to see him and it is a social occasion he will miss.  But, she did recommend another vet who is in the same neighborhood and I am sure we will all adjust to the change, but after twenty-four plus years it will not be easy. 


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