It's a dry heat

July 17, 2018

I leave tonight for one of my periodic trips to Arizona. It's been hot and humid in Kentucky this summer and it will be hotter and less humid in Mesa/Gilbert when I get there. The good news is in summer golf courses are uncrowded and  prices are reduced. The bad news is it is 100+ degrees and the only breeze comes from riding in a cart. 


But I don't go to Arizona to just play golf and if my grandchildren were not there I would probably never go at all, except maybe to visit the Grand Canyon which I've done three times. My granddaughter is in a play (Midsummer Night's Dream) and now has a drivers license. Time flies. She and her younger brother are as tall as I am and still young enough to put up with an old man (at least for a little while). 


How did they happen to be born in Arizona? That is what happens when a guy born in Texas (son-in-law) and a woman born in Tennessee (daughter) meet in Maryland and move to Arizona for a job. It's the same story the whole world over. People move primarily for economic reasons. My grandmother had four children born in Nashville and three raised their children there. Her eight grandchildren ended up in California (2), Georgia, New York(2), and Kentucky (me with intermediate stops in Maryland and Florida).. The remaining two are still in Nashville. It looks like we're all really immigrants in one form or another.  


That provides a lot of information for a book so I wrote Deep In December  a few years ago. Like they say, "write what you know."    

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